What Is Horse Racing Betting

Every popular sport has a form of betting that fans enjoy doing. Horse races too are not an exclusion. Punters place a certain amount of money which increases if a bet wins or is lost if a bet loses. People make money from playing horse race games. You need to have a strategy for you to be successful.

How does horse betting work

Top horse racing betting sites cover races for you. The people who control horses during the races are called Jockeys. The ones that train the horse are called trainers. The sites compile all the races available and let you choose which market you want to invest in. The site determines the pricing. Yours is to choose the odds which in your own opinion will give you returns. During horse betting, there are some outcomes. They are listed with the matching odds. The possible combinations are win, place, show, trifecta, superfecta, exacta, daily double and pick 3. If you place a qualifying bet, you will be rewarded.

Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Sites 2018

Last Updated: July 2020

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Impressive promotions

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What are horse racing betting strategies

horse racing betting strategies

Horse betting needs an approach different from the approaches used in another sports betting. You can use the approaches to come up with good statistics for betting. Without a strategy, you may lose your bet. To avoid that scenario, employ the strategies below.

Stake on superior races

High-level races pay more than low-level races. Risks in betting are directly proportional to possible winning amounts. Superior racers are highly competent therefore if your bet is lucky you will bag good money.

Manage your betting accounts

Don’t gamble irresponsibly. Before you start analyzing statistics to place bets for the day, set your target returns. If you achieve it, wait for the next day races because continued betting may result to lose. Better a coin in your pocket than a note you are hoping to get.

Choose few horses

betting on horse

Betting on the smallest number of horses saves you regrets. Beginners guide to horse racing betting states that the maximum horses should be 3. This is because there is a high possibility of a single horse spoiling the whole bet. Even if the others win and one of your bets in the accumulator fails, the whole bet is wasted.

Who is the jockey or the trainer

As a car needs a driver, so does a horse! Jockeys abilities differ. Choose a jockey who has won more races previously. Though new entrants may stand a chance to be competent, put more weight on the jockeys you have seen on the race tracks before

Value betting

You are after making money, therefore, check the odds given to determine whether the odds are worth risking for. Always ensure that you place bets on higher prices.

Forget the losses

Research shows that punters lose money trying to follow a bet they lost. If you lose a bet, let it go and plan for the next day’s races.

Apart from the horse racing betting strategy given here, ensure that you choose your races carefully. Check whether a certain horse does better in that race or not. You will realize that a horse is best in sprint races and moderate in long distance races. Go for the one which performs well.

Which is the best betting system horse racing 2018

best betting system horse racing

The methods are not a sure way of making profits, but they greatly boost your winning chances. They help punters to select higher market values. There are two main systems; the dutching system and choosing the less favorite horse.

The dutching method

Basically, this is a betting horse calculator. This system was developed to ensure that punters make an equal amount of money in any horse selection. The dutching method is only applicable in a race with many runners, normally ten or more. Because odds vary, the method picks the three odds which are moderate. Each bet has its returns. It will ensure that even if one of your bet wins or lose, you must get a constant return.

Choosing the less favorite horse

Let’s say a horse that most people had predicted to win loses. The reaction of most punters will be to leave it in their selections for the next race. As a professional punter, you will note that the beaten horse gets high odds because it’s less favored. Consider staking your bets with it. Research and experience have shown that the less favorite horse often wins the race!

How to increase the chances of picking a winning horse

You can increase the chances of predicting the horse to cross the finish line first by:

  • Choosing a horse that has previously performed better in the horse betting game that you intend to place your odds. Horses perform differently in different races. Bet in the horse with high chances of winning
  • Place bets like Quinella and show where the finishing order of horses is not a factor to consider for your bet to win. This bet does not restrict you to a particular outcome.
  • Check the records during horses training. You will know which horse picked an injury. An injured horse won’t run faster. Bet on the horses which have finished their weeks’ training successfully. Also, the trainers and jockeys matter. Choose the horses belonging to the trainer or jockey who always record good results.
  • Horses on the outer posts do better for short races. If it’s a sprint race, bet on such horses to carry the trophy. If it’s a short race, predict the horses in the inner post because they are likely to win you money.

What are the horse racing betting tips for beginners

horse racing betting tips for beginners

Everyone needs a starting point in life. Even the professionals were once interns. If you want to have a successful betting career be unique. Don’t try copying what the experts do. Their long-time experience has taught them betting lessons that you will probably never learn by being a copycat! In this section, we will discuss a guide for first-time punters:

  • You should not start placing huge bets as a beginner. This will help you minimize regrets after losing bets. Remember that you have minimal information on the horses you are supposed to choose a winner from. It’s always good not to be guided by greed in betting. Experience will teach you better, and it won’t take long. Set a betting limit for each day and don’t exceed it!
  • A single bet is ideal for a beginner. Multi bets tend to go south. It’s better to choose and bet many single bets than accumulating them. It will save you the risk on one of the bets spoiling the others.
  • Seeing is believing! Watch horse racing games and make your own statistics. Base your bets on the information you have managed to analyze. Experts may be after advertising a certain horse. You never know whether there were backdoor deals. You will suffer your horses alone. Watch races and gauge the form and winning consistency of your horses.
  • Avoid online scammers. Watch out for the punters who claim to offer you accurate odds. It’s a scam! No one can be sure of predicting the outcome of a race. The tips and odds brought to you are just meant to steer you towards the right direction. Otherwise, what would be the use of online horse betting racing sites? They would make unmatched losses!
  • Finally, choose the top horse racing betting sites. Check customer reviews on this site. Even though you are a beginner, you too want the best value for your money! You want the best odds, right? Recommended sites help you do so.

How to Make Money Betting on Horse Racing

A good number of betting sites compete for profits. A punter must make sure that his/her bets aren’t the one used to maximize profits. Good margins and prices can help you exploit such sites. Below are the tips to maximize your profit when betting on horse racing:

  • Specialize- you cannot bet on all horse betting games. Chose a niche and analyze. It will also be easier for you to watch races from that area.
  • Maintain records- maintaining a database helps you in monitoring the performance of different horses. You won’t have to seek the help of experts every time you need to place a wager. Some of the experts are out there to make money, and they may misguide you.
  • Price up as many races as possible- pricing up horse races is a good way of making profits for punters. Horse racing betting is neither black nor blue! Try as many ways as possible to keep your returns appreciating.
  • Bet on the in-form horses rather than big names- focus on the statistics you develop from watching horse racing games. Trainers who have been successful previously tend to receive a lot of glories. The new entrants may have made excellent starts as well. Place your wagers on them if it happens that their winning form is consistent.
  • Focus on each way opportunities- it’s hard to get price advantages with the sites dictating prices. Play in 6, 7,8, 9 or 10 horse runner races and choose each way because the terms here favor punters.

Where Can You Watch Live Horse Racing for Betting Purposes

Live Horse Racing for Betting

If this question has been troubling you, this article is there to answer! The world needs economists who can minimize the use of the limited resources available to maximize the outcomes. Well, horse betting needs such approaches. It’s not necessary to travel to stadiums to watch live actions while you can access them from wherever you are by doing the following:

  • The site has a feature called live streaming. It’s called horse racing vision for others. as long as you are a registered member, this service will provide you with all the action at the comfort of your house.
  • The YouTube is also a great source of horse betting information. The sites are capable of connecting punters to live actions through the internet. Find internet access and look for the links on the websites.
  • Interestingly, satellite providers can air all the action for you on your televisions. Search for the best companies that show you the horse racing games over the internet and move forward to subscribing if it requires you to do so.

How Can You Determine Horse Racing Betting Odds?

Determining odds is done through best betting system horse racing. The best one is the pari-mutuel wagering. A percentage of the betting money goes to the site, and the winners share the rest.

To determine how much money you will pocket in a winning bet, check the calculation tips below:

    • You are given a numerator and a denominator odd. Divide them
    • Times the proceeds by the money you bet

Finally, add back the money you used to bet on the total above

Trifectas, exactas, pick 3 or 4 and superfectas give big profits. Place your bet with them. Calculating this type is harder, but the online betting sites do the task for you.

To sum up, choosing a qualifying bet is easy if you understand what you have to do to spot the winning horse. The characteristics of the top horse racing betting sites have been discussed. Betting strategies like managing your budget and checking the horse’s abilities are very crucial. Use a horse betting calculator and avoid losing stakes either way. Learn the betting tips horse racing above and become a betting master. Even for the beginners, you can learn the guide above and bet like a pro. Am sure it will be of great help!

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